Resources & Useful Links


Guidelines for performance

* Note: Arts Online now has moved to POND



The Big Sing

Sheet Music Resources

Useful Music Theory Websites


Useful SongWriting Websites

More about songwriting resources go to Songwriting resources page

Useful Teacher Resources sites by Teachers

Midnight Music by Katie W
Learning Ideas by Duncan F
Sue’s Education Site by Sue M

Free Music Tech 

MuseScore – Free Notation software
NoteFlight – Free Notation software: good wifi needed
Soundtrap – Online GarageBand-style: limited
StudioOne PrimeFree but limited
Ableton Learning Music Website – Break down the elements of Music

Useful Apps for Classrooms


Making Tutorial Videos

Screencastify – add-on to Chrome (free)
ScreenflowFree trial

Useful Apps for Teacher admin

Evernote taking notes and share
OneNotetaking notes and share, use for classes, class distributions
Asanaorganising a group of teachers
Doodleschedule meetings with busy people

Managing ITM

PPTA Toolkit and Guidelines for Itinerant Music Teaching in schools

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