Finding appropriate repertoires for Level 1 to 3 solo performances can be a difficult task, especially when you are not so familiar with the instrument(s). We, as a music teacher, often stumble across questions from students (or colleagues) which pieces are appropriate for which levels.

I have decided to collate a data from the most of teachers in Christchurch (to start with), the list of repertoires you have assessed for NCEA for the last 5 to 10 years at each level. Please help me collating the data by sharing the title of the pieces and composers’ name for each level.

Some pieces can be assessed/performed in many ways which will differentiate the decipher factors of the final grade but if there is some sort of the basic line, some of the music teachers who operate their department by themselves can feel somewhat supported.

This is not really the set in concrete but hopefully, this will be a good start for some.

To view, old Performance guidelines,  I have resurrected an old judgement list from NZQA, too.