Online Teaching

We are intending to add some useful resources here.

Current information related to COVID-19 from NZQA is here.

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Music remote assessment matrix and guidance – basically only Group Performance is out at this stage.

Useful websites

Blogs – Useful blogs you might want to read…

Lesson Plans

We need your help! Can you send me some of your plans?

Reflection: The following below is something we have learnt in the last couple of weeks…

  1. Plan your lessons (obviously!).
  2. Create your tutorial video in advance to go with your lessons.
  3. Keep your tutorial videos short – aim for less than 5 minutes.
  4. Use video conference time as Q&A sessions and bonding time with students.
  5. Don’t forget to catch up with students who are offline (inform your Dean).
  6. Use your school recommended platform (Teams, Zoom etc…).
  7. Always protect yourself, your class and your students by having password for the meeting (if you are using Zoom).
  8. Flipped classroom plan would be perfect for online teaching (purchase Duncan’s resource could be pretty handy).
  9. When you giving instructions, you can mute students – this might work better for some of you, and improves sound quality.
  10. Ethernet cable connection will give you better sound quality than wifi.
  11. When you are doing video conferencing, turn off all unnecessary websites, emails, etc…to free up using data (you could ask your family members to not use the internet).
  12. Drop your expectations a little.