MENZA Conference registration reminder

Kia ora music kaiako whanau, 

I am writing to remind you to register for MENZA conference which will be happening during the October holiday: from 7- 9th October. We, Christchurch, are hosting MENZA conference this year and it will be an epic conference. How exciting!?

I have attended many MENZA conferences in the past, and they were always inspirational and uplifting conference to attend to. It is nice to catch up with other music teachers from North Island as well as South Island. This is the best time to do networking.  

We have fantastic keynote speakers: Dr James Humberston, Katie Wardrobe, Duncan Ferguson and Henare Kaa!  

Early bird registration is $250 (by July), you have 2 weeks left to sign up with a good deal.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the conference. 

Ngā mihi,


Moderation Meeting reflection

Thank you for attending the moderation meeting the other day. It was so lovely to see you all and re-connect with other music teachers. After the meeting, I was reflecting on how marvellous group of teachers we have in Christchurch and Westland. Your passion for students and dedication to teaching students are outstanding. A warm welcome to Anna from Shirley Boys’ High School and Nicholas from Lincoln High School to CWSMTA group. It was awesome to have your point of view at the meeting. It seems that we will be facing significant changes from 2020, and I am sure we will know more about the details soon.

The Moderation meeting began with an introduction from Chris Archer and Hannah Wilson’s current project with the Arts Centre. They gave us some ideas on how we might be able to hire their venue by combining 2-3 schools and organise a concert which will be a more feasible idea.

During the meeting, all of you were professional, and each of you had constructive opinions, and we have moderated material together well. There were many moments of ‘Myth Buster’ during this meeting.

Some points being made were that some schools have been asking students to do Level 3 solo performance way too many. The programmed music can be two songs. There is no timelimit written in the standard, either. This topic has been discussed in the previous meeting with Delysse Glynn from NZQA, also.

Songwriting assessment still to be a mysterious topic of assessing, however after implementing Duncan’s matrix (but minus the number aspects from his model), we all found his matrix to be highly useful. Well done, Duncan.

Music Works, Research and Context: Several teachers have been tackling L3 Music Work + Context as more of Research topic delivery. There are still some useful resources from the past in TKI or the POND. We talked about exchanging some of the resources. CWSMTA will upload some of the Music Work(s) material in the resources section on this website. With regards to 2.9 Investigate NZ Music, Music Commission has good resources.

Arranging and Composition: Great ideas from everybody. Clarification from Sue that we do not need to change the genres to be accepted into the arranged piece. It can be arranged for the same genre.

For the aural and harmony components, Duncan’s resource is in favour by the teachers. Thanks, Duncan, for creating fantastic resources.

Technology standards: Brad Banks from Shirley Boys promised us he would be able to share his expertise sometime this year. Meanwhile, CWSMTA will also organise workshops for technology workshops for advanced teachers. Please let Nanako knows your prefered presenters.

Scholarship Music: We concluded that we do not need Scholarship Workshop as students no longer have an exam, but they will be submitting portfolio and video evidence. They are only allowed to enter for either: performance, composition or musicology.
The portfolio should be submitted, through a process advised by NZQA, on the Music subject page in Term 3, 2019.

MENZA Conference: MENZA conference will be held in Christchurch this year in October, if you have not signed up, please sign up soon!

CWSMTA, MENZA, CSM, Early Childhood representatives will be travelling to Westland area on Saturday 29th to do workshops.

Subsequent moderation meeting will be on Friday, October 18th. Meanwhile, CWSMTA will organise technology workshops, composition workshop(s), and music works, context and research seminar this year. Watch this space!

AGM: Thanks for all of your input to the meeting. Nanako (Chair), Kate (Secretary) and Regan (Treasurer) remains the previous position. Steve Chapman stepped down and we welcomed the former chairperson, Dave Pitt, to be our new vice-chairperson. MEC rep to be Kate which is the same as last year, and we welcomed Brad Banks as our ITM rep for CWSMTA.

P.S. The most of you have changed over to Google groups mailing system from Yahoo groups now. If you have not, or if we missed some of you please let Nanako know.

P.S.S. Your e-certificate will be on its way…thanks for attending.


The following is a message from the team NZSSSO


To Whom it may Concern,

Please find attached both the 2019 NZSSSO course application details and poster. Applications open this weekend, Friday 31 August) and we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word to your music students.

 With thanks from the team at NZSSSO


2019 Application Promo letter

Term 3: Moderation meeting 2 and songwriting workshop by Mike Chunn

Kia ora koutou,

I am inviting you all to the second moderation meeting and songwriting workshop by Mike Chunn on Tuesday 25th September which will be held at Hagley College in the Annex. The structure of the day will be a moderation meeting in the morning and songwriting workshop and Q&A in the afternoon.

Can you please let me know if you are coming to the moderation meeting/songwriting workshop by filling out the form below? (for catering purpose) This workshop is free for all the CWSMTA members and $20 per person for non-members.


Nga mihi,


Scholarship Workshop 2018 – Hagley College

Kia ora koutou,
This year’s Scholarship Workshop will be held at Hagley College in the X 2 in the X Block (Music Department) on Wednesday 12th September from 3.15 pm – 5 pm. (A map is attached here)
The workshop will be facilitated by Associate Professor/Head of Music Glenda Keam.
Please send me an email about how many students and teachers will be attending this workshop.
Please bring along 2017’s Scholarship exam paper (both the resource booklet and question booklet) from NZQA website. ( I have attached the zip file here, too)
Nga mihi,

Giving Direction 2018

Giving Direction 2018
professional development for choral directors

The NZCF Association of Choral Directors (ACD) will run a one-day choral conducting workshop on 

Saturday, 22 September 2018 at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School. Run by ACD Advisors, Rowan Johnston and Susan Densem, the workshop is part of the ACD’s programme of professional development for choral directors – with clear benefits flowing on to singers and audiences. 

This workshop is aimed at all levels of ability and experience as well as primary and secondary school and community and chamber choirs.

This is a ‘not to be missed’ PLD opportunity. 
Details for registration are on the attachment and at the Christchurch Choral website

Voice workshop

All the singing teachers, voice coaches and choir directors register your interest to the following website. If you are HOD, please let your vocal tutors know about this conference.

AGM agenda

Kia ora koutou,
I hope to see you all at the moderation meeting which is on Tuesday 8th May from 9 am – 3pm at Boys’ High School (Straven RD).

I have listed potential agenda of AGM here. Please email me if you would like to cover/add some other items.
We are currently looking for a rep for MEC and a new secretary. Please let me know if you are keen to take up the position.

Agenda of AGM of CWSMTA on Tuesday 8th May 2018
at Boys’ High School, Straven Road Christchurch

AGM Agenda

• Present

• Apologies

Minutes of last AGM 2017

• Matters Arising

o Constitution 2018
o Orchestra Festival
o Workshops
o Subscription Fees
o Reps

Chairperson’s Report (N.Sato)

Treasurer’s report (R.Barker)

Secretary’s report  (S. Bidwell)

Forte Report (N. Fogden-Smith)

• Election of Officers
Rep for MEC
Rep for ITM
Other positions?

9. Other business

Nga mihi,

2018 Calendar

Kia ora koutou katoa,

I hope you have had a lovely break and you started your year all smoothly. I believe, most of us are back at work quite sometimes by now.

I have updated all the new dates on our new CWSMTA calendar. If you would like to subscribe, please click on the link below.

Mike Chunn workshop is postponed again until May this year as we had many conflicts in their and our schedules. I will let you know as soon as we have confirmed dates.

Have a nice day.

Nga mihi,


Music Scholarship Workshop – Wednesday 13th September

Hi to all,
This year’s Scholarship Workshop will be held in the Attic at UC City Campus on Wednesday 13th September from 3.15 pm – 5 pm.
The workshop will be lead by Associate Professor/Head of Music Glenda Keam.
Sophia has sent an email to you all last week. Please send us an email about how many students and teachers will be attending this workshop.
Please bring along 2016’s Scholarship exam paper (both the resource booklet and question booklet) from NZQA website.
Kind regards,